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4 Hairstyles for a Cozy Autumn Wedding

The cozy and vibrant season we know as autumn has arrived – what could be more perfect for your wedding day?

With a beautiful fall wedding comes the opportunity for brides to play with a wide range of glamorous and romantic hairstyles. The cool weather is the perfect time to show off your locks in all styles. At Therapy Hair Studio, our team is dedicated to helping you find the hairdo that fits you and your wedding dreams. Here are four examples of breathtaking hairstyles for a cozy autumn wedding that will have you looking gorgeous on your big day.

How To Achieve Your Dream Hairstyle for Your Wedding

fall wedding bride hairstyleYou want to look flawless and elegant, but at the same time you don’t need your hair overpowering or competing with other aspects of your dress. To serve this purpose, choosing an appropriate style is essential for achieving this balance.

It can be challenging to achieve your dream hairstyle for your big day on your own. With the expertise of salon professionals such as our team at Therapy Hair Studio, your dream for your big day can become a reality. Trust in the professional bridal hair and makeup services of our award-winning salon to help you effortlessly achieve the look you are dreaming of.

If you are considering changing your hair color for your big day, we recommend giving your hairstylist a good amount of notice. With preparation and expert advice, you can achieve your dream hair and look for your special day. Call our salon today at (713) 355-4247 to book your consultation. 

Best Hairstyles for Autumn Weddings

The best hairstyles for a cozy autumn wedding are those that are romantic and natural. Curls, soft updos, and relaxed braids are all perfect for creating a warm and inviting look. Here are four autumn-inspired wedding hairstyles to help you find the perfect look for your special day.

Vintage Inspired Updo

vintage updo fall wedding hairYou can’t go wrong with a vintage-inspired updo for an autumn wedding. Updos are a tried and true classic that looks good on everyone. It’s perfect for any bride who wants to look polished but still feels comfortable. The half-up bun is a beautiful way to showcase your natural hair, particularly if you have medium to long locks. It’s easy to create the half bun and it can be dressed up with an elegant veil or headpiece.

Moreover, this style works well with all face shapes and hair types and can be easily modified depending on how much volume you want in your hair. Overall, this hairdo delivers a vintage yet modern style for your special day.

Loose Waves Side Plait Crown

If you have short or shoulder-length hair, this style will look amazing on you! This loose interpretation of the waterfall braid, worn by Victoria’s Secret catwalk model Heidi Klum, is perfect for showcasing shiny locks on your big day. In this style, a large, loose plait crown is created to perfection on the side of your head for an elegant look. 

This style makes a glamorous hairdo that will transition beautifully with you from the ceremony to the reception. You can wear your favorite flowers, jewels, and trinkets in it too. With a free-spirit parisian girl look, this is the perfect hairstyle for brides with shorter, shoulder-length hair. The style is a carefree choice that will appeal to you and suit any wedding look.

The Classic Bun

bun hairstyle autumn weddingBuns are an excellent option if you want your hair off your face but still want to look elegant and polished. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you have several styles to choose from depending on your taste. For example, you can choose a messy bun or a braided bun.  

The bun keeps everything in place and adds texture to your overall look. The sleek simplicity that comes with this hairstyle is a great way of creating romance. However, you can also add some sparkles or feathers for extra flair.

Curls and Waves

If you’re looking for a way to show off your natural hair texture while adding another dimension to your look, these styles are an excellent option. The best thing about curls and waves is that they look amazing on any face shape or hair color. Curls and waves add volume to your hair that can help it feel fuller than your natural hair texture may be, all while maintaining a soft and feminine feel. There are multiple ways to achieve different looks for curly and wavy hair. You can choose loose waves, natural curls, coils, or luscious waves. Whatever your choice, these are just as beautiful as you are.

Achieve the Perfect Look With Therapy Hair Studio

In the end, you deserve to have the most beautiful hairstyle and flawless look on your wedding day. If you’re ready to look your best, you can contact the experts at Therapy Hair Studio by calling (713) 355-4247. Whether it’s your make-up or hairdo for a cozy autumn wedding, we’ll work with you to achieve a wedding day look that captures your unique style and personality.

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