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Brazilian Blowout

A Brazilian Blowout is a special hair smoothing service that helps tame frizzy, curly, or wild hair, leaving clients with smooth, silky, healthy-looking hair that has plenty of volume and bounce. A Brazilian Blowout utilizes the power of amino acids to help hair retain its moisture. When skin is dry it gets flaky and irritated. Our hair does the same thing when it’s dry and dehydrated…it gets frizzy and unruly. As such, infusing hair with amino acids helps hair retain moisture better. However, this service must be performed properly to be effective and to keep your hair healthy. We have several stylists that are certified Brazillian Blowout specialists. Call the front desk to be matched with the best stylists for your hair.

A Brazilian Blowout can be performed on any type of hair: fine, coarse, thick, thin, etc. What makes this service so easy is that it’s customizable for any client. The same solution can be applied and the customization comes from the way the service is performed: how many passes are made with the flat iron, how big of sections are worked on at a time, etc. We can also correct cowlicks or add additional volume as opposed to giving someone board-straight flat hair if that’s what they prefer. At Therapy Hair Studio, we have the best master certified Brazilian Blowout Specialists in Houston. Let our trained and certified specialists work their magic on your hair to deliver a level of service that will surpass your wants and needs.

Brazilian Blowout FAQs

If I have curly hair, will the Brazilian Blowout destroy my curls?

No! The Brazilian Blowout is for hair of all kinds. If you have very curly hair, the treatment will enhance and maintain your natural curls, while eliminating the frizz. If you have wavy or straight hair, the treatment will give your hair the appearance of being naturally straight, frizz-free, and healthy. The treatment can even be used on color-treated or highlighted hair, enhancing the color while reducing frizz and locking in moisture.

After a Brazilian Blowout, how long would I have to wait to get my hair wet?

The Brazilian Blowout is different from many other hair treatments in that there is no downtime after treatment. After clients receive the Brazilian Blowout, they are free to leave the salon and engage in whatever activity they choose. They are good to swim, workout, and even wash their hair immediately after treatment.

How often would I have to come back for treatment?

The Brazilian Blowout treatment typically lasts up to 12 weeks if taken care of. With other hair treatments, individuals have to return for maintenance in a little as six weeks, half the time of the Brazilian Blowout. Additionally, while other treatments may mean spending hours in the salon, the Brazilian Blowout will only take 80 minutes, less than an hour and a half.

Is it important to get the treatment done by a certified Brazilian Blowout specialist?

Yes! Others try to pass off inadequate treatments as the Brazilian Blowout, but if they are not certified specialists then you are not getting the treatment that you deserve. While the Brazilian Blowout provides clients with smooth and sleek shine, knock-off treatments can cause serious and long-lasting hair damage. If you are considering a Brazilian Blowout treatment, contact a certified Brazilian Blowout specialist at the Therapy Hair Studio. Our specialists are trained and experienced in providing treatment to clients and will leave you with the glowing and gorgeous hair of your dreams.


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