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Style Your Short Hair in Less Than 5 Minutes

It’s a common misconception that short hair can’t be as versatile as long hair. Short hairstyles can be extremely multifaceted, and what’s even better, it takes no time at all to accomplish some stunning looks. Need to be out the door in 5? The team at Therapy Hair Studio in Houston have you covered. These short hair tips will have you glowing before you can even find your car keys:   




Hair accessories are one of the quickest and easiest ways to add glamour or whimsy to your short hairstyle. Sweep back longer sections of hair and pin them to the side of your head with rhinestone or pearl studded barrettes or pins. These accessories can add a touch of sophistication in no time at all. For a bit of whimsy, try barrettes in fun colors or designs or add a playful headband. Tying a scarf around your head like a headband can also add a bit of bohemian flair, while doing the same with a bandana can give you a fun and sporty look.


Slick it Back 


It’s the ultimate summer look, short and slicked-back hair. Pair the look with sunglasses, and you are officially too cool for school and look like you are perpetually on vacation. For a wet look use a gel or water or oil-based pomade or styling cream. These products add a sheer sheen to the style. For a matte look, opt for a clay-based pomade.


Do the Twist 


For a quick and easy change to your routine, take a small section of hair from the side of your head and twist it. Make another twist on the opposite side of your head. Bring the twists together at the back of your head and secure them with a pin, barrette, or small hair tie. In five minutes, you have a half up, half down elegant twist.


Line Them Up


Don’t have a lot of time or money? Sweep a section of hair from the front of your head, and secure it along the side of your head with a row of bobby pins. This technique also works well for people trying to grow out a short haircut of those who are growing out bangs and don’t know what to do with them. It’s easy, simple, and creates a fun and breezy look. 

Spritz and Spray

Not sure how to change up your short hairstyle? Experiment with products. Texturizing sprays can add volume and change the shape of your style. Pomades and styling creams and give you a sleeker and straighter look. Changing up your products can change up your look. Whether you are new to short hair or have rocked a short style for years, experimenting with new products can add a new dimension to your hair routine.

Leave it to the Professionals 

Interested in going short? Love your short hair but want a new style? Talk to an experienced stylist at Therapy Hair Studio in Houston today. Give us a rundown of what you are looking for and what type of maintenance routine you are comfortable with, and we can give you haircut and style ideas that will achieve your hairstyle goals.


Ready to make an appointment with the best in Houston? Contact us today at (713) 355-HAIR.

Balayage Hair – The Ultimate Guide

Balayage. Just the word sounds so sophisticated, probably because it is French. In French, it means “sweeping,” and essentially, that is what you get when you ask for balayage, a gentle sweeping of color that creates a natural, almost “lived-in” look. Yet, that description still doesn’t quite capture the beauty of this coloring technique. Think of tresses that have turned just oh-so sun-kissed as you’ve laid out on a golden sandy beach all summer long. Or the ever-elusive ideal where your roots are just perfectly grown out and your ends are gorgeously glowing with a subtly lighter shade. (Yeah, like that ever happens in real life!)


What is balayage? The team at Therapy Hair Studio demystifies the term and helps you decide if the technique is right for you.

What Is Balayage?


Balayage isn’t just a hair-industry buzzword to get you to spend more at the salon. It is a technique where a colorist will free-hand paint soft and flowing highlights onto the hair. By painting the hair with a lighter shade, a colorist can achieve a subtler and more graduated highlighting effect. Think soft ribbons as opposed to stripy highlights.

What’s the Difference?


Balayage is sometimes hijacked as an umbrella term for color. It isn’t. Asking for a balayage will give you very different results than highlights or even ombre. Ombre is a similar technique, but the results are much starker and more dramatic between the colors instead of the natural transition created by balayage. Highlights and lowlights also employ a different technique where stripes of color are placed closer to the scalp. Most colorists will use foils to create highlights and lowlights.

The Benefits of Balayage  


Since the technique creates a more natural, softer, highlighting effect, it is much easier to maintain. The technique is meant to give the appearance of “grown out” roots but in the most beautiful and flattering way possible. Opting for a balayage can mean fewer trips to the salon. It can also mean much less work to maintain than other types of coloring processes. This technique also tends to be less damaging.


Another benefit of balayage is that because it can be more of a sweeping, free-hand technique, your results can be different than anyone else’s. You will have a unique and gorgeous look all to yourself.

Who Can Get Balayage? 


Balayage isn’t just for blondes. The technique can create beautiful results on a variety of different hair colors. Balayage can brighten blondes but also add dimension to brunettes. Talk to a colorist about your hair color goal and the amount of maintenance you want to put into your color. From there, an experienced colorist can determine which shades will give you the optimum color result. Caramel, golden, ash, and chocolate colors can all create beautiful results depending on your base color.

Balayage is a beautiful color technique that can add a subtle and natural brilliance to your hair color.


Ready to take the plunge? Contact the experienced coloring team at Therapy Hair Salon in Houston today for an appointment by calling (713) 355-HAIR. We want to help give you the hair color of your dreams. Bring us your dreams today.

How Often Is it Okay to Wash Your Hair for Your Hair Type?

It’s become the great debate of a generation. How often should you wash your hair? There is fierce debate on the topic, with some camps claiming you should never put suds to hair more than twice a week. Others are staunchly in the “wash every single day” camp. Who should you believe? That may depend on what type of hair you have.

What Does Shampoo Do?

Shampoos are cleansing agents that trap oil and dirt residues when you lather up. When you rinse out the suds, you are also rinsing away the oil and dirt. While dirt and product residue comes from the environment, the oil comes from within. Skin, including the scalp, produces a natural oil called sebum. This oil helps moisturize the skin and provides a natural protective barrier. Sebum produced by the scalp also coats the hair and keeps it from drying out. When hair is dry, it can be prone to damage and breakage. Shampoo doesn’t discriminate between dirt and oil; it cleans everything. Therefore, when you wash your hair, you are not only removing dirt, but you’re also stripping away the hair’s natural protective oil barrier.

Washing by Hair Type

When it comes to washing hair, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Hair is as unique as the person it is attached to. Some hair types may need daily scrubbing, while others can manage to go almost an entire week without soap and water. Before you ditch the shampoo bottle, consider your hair type:

Fine or Oily Hair 

If you have fine or limp hair or you skip a day shampooing, and it looks like the Exon-Valdez ran aground on your head, you may need to wash daily. Some people produce more sebum than others or have more oil glands on their scalp. The production of all this oil can leave hair feeling greasy, unmanageable, and looking limp and dull. Shampooing daily may be needed to help remove the excess oil. For people with oily hair, try using dry shampoo if you skip a wash. It can help absorb excess oil. If your ends feel dry, try keeping the bulk of the suds on your scalp.

Medium Hair 

For those with average to medium hair, you can typically get away with washing your hair every other day or every few days. Dry shampoo can help extend the time you can avoid a wash but be sure to scrub every few days to reduce product build-up on the scalp.

Coarse Hair, Curls, and Coils

Hair that is coarse, thick, curly, or has coils needs less washing than other hair types. Typically, people with these hair types produce less oil. Even for those who do produce more sebum, the texture of thick or curly hair tends not to show “greasiness” in the form of limp hair. These types of hair also tend to be more likely to become damaged and break. For these reasons, it is best not to wash this type of hair too often. Some may find that once or twice a week is enough. For those with type 3a to 4c hair, shampooing every two weeks may be sufficient.

Remember, the frequency with which you wash your hair can also depend on your lifestyle and environment. If you exercise, live in an area with heavy air pollution, or it’s hot and humid, you may need to shampoo more frequently. Also, take a cue from your hair. If it feels dry and brittle, skip a day. Looking dull and limp? Give it a good scrub. Just remember, shampooing is important. Your scalp is skin, and it needs to be cleaned and pampered just like the skin on the rest of your body for it to stay healthy.

Need a little scalp pampering? Turn to the team at Therapy Hair Studio in Houston. Our team of highly trained stylists can wash, dry, cut, and style. Whether you want to transform your look or give yourself some extra TLC, schedule an appointment with Therapy Hair Studio today. Call (713) 355-HAIR.


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