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Are Perms Still Stylish in 2022?

The perm was a popular hairstyle decades ago. As with all trends, it faded over time. Some people cringe at seeing their crimped hair in pictures from the 80s. However, the trend seems to be popular once again.

Many women and men, including celebrities, have changed their hair with a perm this year. Perms don’t have to look like they did in the past. Adding a modern-day twist creates a more current and unique style.

The Return of the Perm

Woman with brown hairPop culture seems to have had a hand in bringing back the perm. You see perms everywhere you look. Singers, movie stars, and characters in TV shows flaunt their perfectly permed locks.

Unlike when the style first appeared, today’s perm has a modern touch. Solutions and perm-wrap techniques have evolved with technology. Perms are no longer about over-processed, tight curls leaving the hair feeling brittle. Instead, they add texture and volume with soft, loose waves that look shiny and silky smooth.

The world of hair styling has become genderless. Women aren’t the only ones running to the salon to get perms. Men get them too. A perm is a unisex style that gives hair bounce and volume.

Can Anyone Get a Perm?

A perm can work for any hair type and most lengths. However, if you have damaged hair follicles from heat styling or bleach, a perm might not suit you. Starting with healthy strands is crucial since the perming chemicals interfere with the hair’s natural texture.

If your hair is flat, a perm can add movement and volume. It’s a fun way to change things up from the style you’ve had your whole life. The perfect candidate is someone who enjoys creating texture and waves with a curling iron or rollers.

Perms also offer benefits to people with curly or wavy hair. Sometimes, curl patterns drop and become less defined as people get older or consistently treat and style their hair. You can get your bounce back by creating tighter curls with a perm.

You should avoid a perm if you color your hair regularly. Overly bleached or color-treated hair leads to weaker strands. Over-processing also exposes the hair to chemicals that can alter the structure, causing split ends, frizz, and cuticle breakage.

If you want to try a perm anyway, you can. However, you must color your hair at least two to three weeks before or after your perm appointment. Your stylist can use perming formulas specially designed for color-treated hair.

Different Types of Perms

A perm isn’t a one size fits all style. You don’t walk into a salon and simply say you want to perm your hair. There are many types available depending on your desired result. The most common types of perms include:

  • Body wave perms – A body wave perm creates loose waves, adding movement and body to the hair.
  • Spiral perms – A spiral perm is a more traditional type, commonly used in the 80s. It creates tight, corkscrew-like curls.
  • Beach wave perms – A beach wave perm adds a little oomph to strands without overdoing it. It creates a subtle look to otherwise limp or lifeless hair.
  • Spot/partial perms – A spot/partial perm is perfect for people with multiple textures and curl patterns in their natural hair. Different curling rod sizes create curls to match the existing texture.

How to Properly Care for a Perm

woman with curly hairOnce you get a perm, ensuring it lasts is essential. You must follow the necessary aftercare instructions your stylist provides to extend the life of your permed hair. Common tips for making a perm last include:

  • Avoid combing your hair for at least 24 hours after your appointment
  • Wait for the perm to set for two days or longer before washing your hair
  • Deep condition every two weeks
  • Avoid using heat styling products
  • Wait at least two weeks after perming your hair to dye it if you want to add some color
  • Avoid putting your hair in a ponytail before washing it
  • Maintain moisture with moisturizing products
  • Don’t wash your hair every day
  • Interested in a Perm? Contact us for an Appointment Now

One of the many benefits of a perm is how infrequently you must get it done. People with shorter hair can typically wait three to four months before another perm. Waiting nine months to a year is possible with longer hair. It depends on the type of perm and chemical solution used to create the curls or waves.

At Therapy Hair Studio, we offer quality perming services to clients in the Greater Houston area. Since 2008, our stylists have given people of all ages beautiful locks to suit their style and enhance their features.

If you want to perm your hair or come to us for another service, call us at (713) 355-4247 or contact us online for an appointment today.


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Barber vs. Hairstylist: How to Choose the Best Professional

a woman at the hair salonPeople often wonder where they should go for haircuts and styling services. Choosing between a barber and a hairstylist can be confusing. You must understand the difference between these professionals before deciding where to book your appointment.

Typically, a barber’s clientele consists of boys and men. They specialize in shorter haircuts instead of longer styles. Barbers primarily focus on cutting and shaving hair for a traditional look.

Hairstylists have extensive training in cutting all hair types and providing various styling and coloring services. Some also tend to cater more to women. However, most also cut men’s hair.

The industry constantly changes and evolves. Barbershops used to be more suited to men only, while women frequented salons. Nowadays, barbers seem to practice their skills to include trendy styles and services for longer hair, while hairstylists are becoming proficient in providing classic haircuts for men.

Differences Between Barbers and Stylists

Consider your individual needs if you struggle to choose between a barber and a salon stylist. The professional you pick will depend on the type of cut, style, and other services you want.


While a barber might seem like the appropriate choice for a man, barbering won’t produce the desired results if their hair is long or has a fuller texture. Salon stylists have more training and experience in handling that type of hair.

Barbers offer classic, no-frills services. They won’t curl, perm, or dye hair. They fade, blend, and shave to cut and style. Unlike many hairstylists, they’re also experts in shaving with a straight razor.

Depending on their preferred cut, men and some women gravitate toward barbers to meet their needs. Scheduling an appointment with someone knowledgeable about men’s hair also allows additional services such as lineups, mustache trims, and beard trims.


Salon stylists provide clients with a range of styling options. They know how to use scissors to cut longer hair and add depth and texture.

However, they might not have experience using clippers or razors as barbers do. Stylists also offer different services, such as chemical treatments, coloring, and styles for special events.

Typically, additional services barbers offer end with shaves and trims. They’re also not as knowledgeable about coloring hair or using specialized treatments.

Factors Involved in Picking the Right Professional

The professional you go to will depend on your needs. One isn’t necessarily better or more qualified than the other. Barbers and hairstylists must complete a course or training program and hold a valid and current license.

You should consider various factors to determine whether a barber or salon stylist is better for you.

Pick a barber if you:

  • Want a simple cut and natural look without many styling products
  • Need a traditional, short style such as a fade, buzzcut, military-style cut, or flattop
  • Have a small budget
  • Need a haircut and shave or facial hair trim
  • Like maintaining your usual look without receiving feedback or recommendations

Pick a hairstylist if you:

  • Want to add highlights or full color to your hair
  • Have longer hair to cut and style
  • Need a product to manage frizz, flyaways, and other problems
  • Have questions about changing your cut and style to enhance your features
  • Want to update your look to more fashion-forward and current trends

man at the barber shopKeeping up with every stylist and barber’s skill set is challenging. Not every professional fits into a single box. Some modern-day barbers have experience working with long hair and offer more services than barbers of the past. Many stylists have expanded their clientele and now include more services tailored to men who prefer a no-frills haircut.

If you’re unsure who to see, browse their website for more information, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends and family. It comes down to selecting a professional who will best meet your needs.

Contact Therapy Hair Studio for Your Next Appointment

Choosing between a barber and a hairstylist is a personal choice. You should pick someone with the necessary experience to give you the cut or style you want. Men can go to salons, and women can go to barbers. It’s no longer a gender-specific decision. Though we are a salon, Therapy Hair Studio’s team of experienced stylists are proficient in both barbering and hairstyling.

Therapy Hair Studio has served Houston clients for over a decade. Our team can provide the services you need to restore your damaged hair and create a flawless look you will love. Think of us when it’s time for a cut or style. You will leave our salon with healthy-looking hair and the necessary tools to maintain your hair until your next appointment.

Call us at (713) 355-4247 today or contact us online to schedule your appointment.


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Can Men Get a Brazilian Blowout?

man at hair salonYes. Like women, men want to look good. Maintaining their appearance doesn’t stop at wearing nice clothes and accessories. Women used to frequent hair salons while men made quick trips to the local barber. Nowadays, more men opt for treatments to achieve healthy-looking hair.

Anyone with hair long enough to receive a Brazilian Blowout can enjoy the benefits. Keep reading if you’re considering getting a Brazilian Blowout.

What Is a Brazilian Blowout?

Before you schedule an appointment for a Brazilian Blowout, you should understand what the service entails. A Brazilian Blowout is a semi-permanent treatment to smooth a person’s hair. It seals in a special solution to protect and strengthen each strand. It also eliminates frizz and gives the hair a glossy look.

A stylist will prep your hair by cleansing it to remove impurities from environmental elements. You must start with healthy locks to improve the treatment’s effectiveness.

After cleansing, your stylist will measure the smoothing solution based on the length of your hair and apply it at the roots, working their way down to the tips.

Blow drying will seal in the treatment and allow it to adhere to your hair. Your stylist will finish by rinsing your hair with a conditioning treatment.

Benefits of Brazilian Blowouts

A Brazilian Blowout takes no longer than eighty minutes. Once your stylist finishes the treatment, you can leave the salon. You don’t have to sit under a heat lamp or waste time waiting between the steps of the process.

A Brazilian Blowout benefits men in the same way as it does women. It can simplify your life by cutting down on time you require to get ready in the morning. It also lasts up to twelve weeks, so you save money by seeing your stylist less frequently.

Common benefits of a Brazilian Blowout include:

  • Shorter morning routines – Some men spend time styling their hair. They don’t hop out of the shower and go about their day. A blowout smooths hair, so it’s more manageable. You won’t struggle with knots if your hair is long. You might not need gel or other products to keep your hair curly or wavy. The treatment shortens your routine so you can sleep in and take your time getting ready for your day.
  • Easy maintenance – Maintaining a Brazilian Blowout doesn’t require much effort. Your stylist will provide instructions on how to keep your hair looking its best. You can reap the benefits of the treatment longer by following simple aftercare instructions.
  • Styling options – Brazilian Blowouts are customizable. You can tailor the treatment to meet your unique needs. Stay on top of current trends or experiment with a new look by choosing from different styling options.There is no wrong decision when it comes to your hair. The possibilities are endless.

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Brazilian Blowout

man with styled hairThere are some things you should and shouldn’t do after a Brazilian Blowout to maintain your smooth and shiny hair. Follow these tips, so you’re not racing back to your stylist for another treatment after only a few weeks:

  • Avoid chlorinated water – Although swimming in the pool might be an activity you enjoy in your spare time, keeping your hair out of the water is crucial. Chlorine strips the hair of its protective layers. It’s more susceptible to damage without those layers, and chlorine sucks out natural moisture.
  • Remember to deep condition – Spend extra time deep conditioning your hair twice a month. You can use a special formula for Brazilian Blowouts to manage frizz and rejuvenate your strands with essential amino acids.
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo – Many shampoos contain sulfates and other chemicals that damage the hair. Use a sulfate-free shampoo, so you don’t ruin the effects of the smoothing formula.
  • Protect your hair from heat – Heat can cause breakage and split ends. If you want to use a blow dryer or curling iron, spray on a heat-protectant formula first. You should also avoid using your hands. Oils and dirt from your hands can transfer to your hair, causing additional damage.
  • Don’t over-shampoo – Shampooing too much isn’t good for your hair, even if you don’t get a Brazilian Blowout. You should wash your hair no more than three times a week with a product specifically designed for your treated locks.

Schedule Your Brazilian Blowout Today

Consult an experienced stylist before trying a Brazilian Blowout. Therapy Hair Studio can recommend the treatment suited to your needs. You will leave our Houston salon with beautiful, more manageable hair.

Call us at (713) 355-4247 for an appointment or contact us online.


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