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Our color services are provided by the best in Houston hair color experts. They are extensively trained in the art and chemistry of hair color. This allows our experts to consult with you to find the best color for your skin tone, face shape, haircut and lifestyle.


Benefits of Balayage

With this French hair-coloring technique, highlights are essentially painted on by the colorist, rather than using the traditional foil technique. The result is a low maintenance, versatile, and beautiful set of highlights.

Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional highlights, Balayage highlights typically only require touch-ups every 8-12 weeks, saving you money and time. Regular highlights, on the other hand, may need touched up in as little as six weeks.

Healthier-Looking Hair

Because Balayage highlights don’t involve completely saturating your hair in bleach or color dye, you’ll enjoy healthier hair because of less process on the hair. As a result, you get to enjoy softer, silkier hair with less damage and dryness.

Versatile to Meet Your Needs

Balayage highlights are the most versatile option when it comes to hair coloring these days; you can have it done to create a stylish ombre look or achieve more natural-looking highlights. That’s because Balayage highlights can be made as soft or as strong as you’d like.

Safe for Pregnant Women and Those With Allergies

Finally, since Balayage highlights sit directly on the hair and not the scalp, they can be safely done on pregnant women and those with allergies to hair color. This is truly the safest, most versatile, and lowest-maintenance option for women who want beautiful highlights in their hair.

Balayage FAQs

How does Balayage work?

Balayage is a highlighting technique that “paints” on color in a more natural ways than other hair coloring techniques. It comes from France and literally means “to sweep” in French, which speaks to the sweeping motion that is used when applying the color. Balayage works without the use of foil like other traditional coloring methods, which allows for more natural transitions without the use of harsh lines that require constant upkeep. Balayage works by painting color onto the hair rather than fully saturating it in color or bleach, which allows for less damage and results in healthier hair at the end of the treatment.

What is the difference between balayage and ombre?

Balayage is a technique of applying hair color while ombre is a style of hair color and transition. Balayage usually gives a more natural transition between color that appears more sun-kissed, while ombre typically involves two color extremes and a transition in the middle, though the technique of balayage can equally be used for ombre purposes to achieve a more dramatic look. The benefit of balayage is that it can used for either soft or strong looks, and is less damaging when achieving ombre than other traditional hair dying techniques, which makes it a great option for those looking for ombre or more subtle looks.

What are some benefits to using balayage instead of other coloring techniques?

Because balayage can achieve softer transitions than other coloring methods, it requires less upkeep, which saves you money. Balayage requires less touch ups and affords more time between touch ups, which reduces the amount of time spent in the salon, making balayage a less expensive option in the long run. In addition, balayage does not need to saturate all of your hair, which makes it less damaging, resulting in healthier hair with less upkeep. Bayalage can further be used for a variety of different highlighting and coloring styles and purposes, which makes it a great technique to use, no matter what style you want for your hair.

Color Correction

Color disaster? We’ve got you covered. Our color experts are trained in the art of color correction.

Color correction can be the solution to a variety of hair coloration problems. Perhaps you tried to color your hair on your own at home and didn’t get the result you were hoping for. A color correction at Therapy Hair Studio can help you achieve the natural-looking color of your dreams. Our color experts are trained in many different coloration techniques including balayage and ombre coloration.

Color correction also applies to situations where a person wants to go a few shades darker or lighter than their current hair. While color corrections may seem like a simple task at face value, they can be quite complicated and can potentially take multiple sessions to completely finish. The amount of time color correction takes depends on the difference between your current shade and your desired shade. Going to a similar shade should be relatively quick and easy while going to one that is much darker or lighter can be more of a challenge. Your stylist will go over what you can expect during your initial consultation. Ready to set yours up? Call Therapy Hair Studio at (713) 355-4247.

What to Expect During a Color Correction Session

When you make your first appointment with one of our many celebrated stylists, you will have the opportunity to discuss what your vision for your hair is with an expert who can make it a reality. Your stylist will give you a few options that will vary in how long they take to apply and how damaging they may be to your hair. The faster color products are generally harsher on your hair, while slower acting ones usually preserve more of your hair’s strength. We prefer to perform color corrections that help keep your hair as healthy as possible.

Corrective color can be tricky and is best left to professionals like those you will find at Therapy Hair Studio. Our color experts assess the best way to achieve a natural color using the least amount of harsh processing to avoid causing additional damage to your hair. Above all, we care about your hair, so depending on the severity and the damage to the structure of the hair, this process can take several visits to complete.

Call a Houston Hair Salon for a Free Color Consultation

Our salon coordinator may recommend that you come in for a consultation before your service. Do you think you need a color correction? Call Therapy Hair Studio at (713) 355-4247 to book an appointment today.


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