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6 Best Haircut Ideas for Young Men

As a young man, choosing a haircut  can be difficult. The good news is, there are plenty of great haircut styles for young men that strike the perfect balance between cool and classy. If you’re looking for fresh new haircut ideas, Therapy Hair Studio is here to help. We’ve put together a list of six popular haircuts for young men that are sure to give you the look you desire. 

1. Buzz Cut

mens buzz cutAlso known as a wiffle cut, this hairstyle involves cutting your hair as close to the scalp as possible. Generally, a buzz cut is a kind of haircut that is achievable without scissors. Instead, we use clippers to shave your hair down to a uniform length all around your head.

Buzz cuts are also traditional military hairstyles for men, possibly because you can easily achieve and maintain them. It’s the perfect low-maintenance style for those who do not want to spend a lot of time styling their hair each day. If you have an active lifestyle or play sports often, this is also a good choice as it will prevent the possibility of having any hair in your face. 

2. Crew Cut Fade

Like buzz cuts, crew cuts are classic military styles that have been around for decades. What separates crew cuts from buzz cuts is the tapering effect in the back and the sides, which is what we call a fade. We achieve this effect by cutting hair closer and closer to the scalp as we go down the sides and the back of your head, making your hair look gradually fuller on top.

This hairstyle is also compatible with pretty much every face shape. However, round face shapes are especially great for the crew cut fade style as they can make your face look more angular. This haircut is also ideal in that it will help keep your hair more manageable.

3. Undercut Fade

undercut fade for young menThis haircut incorporates the fade with the undercut. For this style,  we leave the hair on top longer while we clip the sides and back shorter. As a result, the hair on top stands out more in contrast to the shorter sides. Undercut fades can be low or mid. Low fades are when your hair is the shortest around the hairline, while mid fades are a few inches higher.

Undercut fades are great choices for those who want a more dramatic look. Having longer hair on the top of your head, provides more room for you to play around and style your hair. Even if you prefer not to style your hair too much, simply combing it back provides a relaxed yet sharp look.

4. Taper Fade Haircut

Tapers and fades are different hairstyles. If you ask for a taper fade from your barber, you probably mean a taper alone. It is understandably confusing since both hairstyles are gradient cuts that involve gradually shortening the hair toward the bottom of your head’s sides and back.

Taper haircuts do not go as short as fades do. The longest hair would still be around an inch or two above your ears, while the shortest would be near your hairline. Tapered hair also appears more blended than a fade. Consider speaking with a hair specialist to identify the “taper fade” style that you are looking to achieve.

5. Flow Haircut

Flow haircuts are for those who prefer to keep their long hair but want to sustain a manageable hairstyle. This style is popular among skateboarding and surfing communities, where their hair flows with the nature of their favorite hobbies. Getting a flow haircut is also a great way to embrace your natural hair by keeping it long or mid-length. 

6. Men’s Quiff Hairstyle

This ambitious hairstyle combines different decades of men’s hairstyles. While it can take time to maintain, the final product is worth it. The quiff hairstyle starts with short sides and back, and gradually gets longer toward the front. With more vertical volume, it looks like a modern pompadour hairstyle.

Discuss More Men’s Haircut Ideas With Therapy Hair Studio

There are tons of different haircuts available to men, including the opportunity to try a hybrid of two or more styles mentioned above. To find the perfect cut that suits your style, personality, and preferences, connect with our stylists at Therapy Hair Studio. Their experience and knowledge of new and evolving trends are a sure fit to help you get the desired results for your hair. 

Our professional hair salon in Houston, Texas, offers a wide range of professional hair services for both men and women. Let our dedicated team clean you up and heighten your confidence with a simple change in hairstyle. Contact Therapy Hair Studio today by calling (713) 355-4247

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