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Yes! ’70s Blowout Hair Still Works in 2023

The 1970s were a loud decade for fashion, especially regarding women’s hairstyles. Stars like Farrah Fawcett popularized huge blowouts with long, wavy hair to frame their face. It can be difficult to pull off a blowout, but there’s no denying it works well for many women. Like all fashion trends, blowouts gradually became less popular, and now many people look back on the trend and shake their heads.

But don’t listen to the naysayers: A 1970s blowout still works in 2023. We’ve seen celebrities embrace the ’70s blowout style while adding some modern touches, and there’s no reason not to get a blowout if you want it.

The trick to pulling off a ’70s-style blowout is to see a stylist who knows what tools and products are necessary to give you the look you want. But if you’re feeling brave and want to attempt to give yourself a ’70s blowout, here’s what you do:

  • Your shampoo and conditioning routine – A solid shampoo and conditioning routine is essential to achieving that perfect ’70s blowout. Make sure whatever products you use address any issues with volume or frizziness that could dampen a blowout.
  • Preparing your hair – Make sure you remove any excess moisture from your hair before detangling it or using a blow dryer. If you don’t do this step, you could damage your hair during the blowout process. Excess moisture can also cause hair frizz and ruin a blowout.
  • Apply a heat protectant – You don’t want to damage your hair when you’re using your blow dryer. Once you’re through with your shampoo and conditioning routine and you’ve removed the excess moisture from your hair, it’s time to apply a heat protectant. Heat protectant sprays seal hair cuticles (the outer protective layer around each hair) to prevent damage when blow drying. When applying a heat protectant spray, try to separate the strands that frame your face from the rest of your hair.
  • Blow drying – Now that you’ve protected your hair from heat damage, grab a blow dryer and get to work. If possible, use a blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle to better control the airflow as you’re drying. If you have any natural curls in your hair, blow dry them straight before styling to get that authentic ’70s look.
  • Styling – Once your hair is about 60-70 percent dry, it’s time to grab a round hairbrush and create those bouncy, cascading curls that define a ’70s blowout. Separate your hair into good-sized strands, then start at the root of your hair and wrap a strand around your brush. Keep the concentrator nozzle on your blow dryer angled down, and don’t remove the brush from the strand until it’s dry and cool. Have the brush bend away from your face when drying the front strands and flip it back up with the rear strands. Those with fine hair should use medium to low heat when drying, while those with curls or coils might need to use high heat to make strands smooth.
  • Finishing up – After the curls have set, apply a volumizing spray to the roots of your hair and comb through the strands again to complete the blowout look. You can use finishing cream or oil to smooth out the ends of your curls. Flip your hair over and give it a quick shake for some added volume if you want, then apply some hairspray to set everything in place.

Once you’ve finished the process, and after everyone’s marveled at your voluminous curls, when you’re home again, you can use rollers to keep those curls in place. You can also use an iron to redo the ends of your strands and give them that ’70s twist.

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Let Therapy Hair Studio Give You the ’70s Blowout of Your Dreams

At Therapy Hair Studio, we’re all about giving you the look you want and making you look your best, no matter what’s trendy. If you want to embrace your inner Farrah Fawcett with a blowout, our experienced and dedicated stylists will give you a haircut that will turn heads wherever you go. Our team uses the latest styling techniques and carries cutting-edge products for any style or type of hair. Above all, we’ll make you comfortable in our salon and treat you with the utmost respect and courtesy.

Ready to embrace the ’70s with a blowout? Call (713) 355-4247 today or visit our contact page to schedule an appointment.

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