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Get your hair back into shape after a brutal Houston summer

Over the last few weeks we have had several clients mention that their hair is not feeling its best.


As we know, Summers in Houston are brutal. We douse ourselves in sunscreen but forget about protecting our hair.

After a long summer of abuse it is no surprise that the hair fibers are damaged. All they need is a little TLC to get them back into shape.

Here are some of my favorite tips to speed things up.

Treatment haircut. 

Time is a precious commodity so next time you get your hair cut ask your hairstylist about our treatment haircut. A treatment haircut is when we apply a suitable Kerastase spray treatment that can be customized for your individual needs. As your hair is cut it is seared and treated with the treatment not only repairing your hair but also saving time by combining an intensive treatment with your cut.

Sleep in Treatments

Clients often ask about a sleep in treatments. Generally I don’t think they are a good idea as the protein can actually make your hair more fragile. If you must use a  sleep in treatment, I recommend Kevin Murphy Born Again.

To keep your hair in pristine condition, treatments are a necessity. This is particularly true if your hair is long and/or colored. Ask your stylist for a personal recommendation based on your hair needs because everyone knows, there is NOTHING more beautiful than shiny healthy hair.

Until next time,

David Bamford


[photo credit: emma.maria]

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