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The Benefits of Having Your Makeup Professionally Done

The Benefits of Having Your Makeup Professionally Done

Proms, weddings, formals – these are occasions when almost every woman gets her makeup professionally done. You don’t have to save professional makeup service for ball-gown occasions. Having your makeup professionally done gives you more confidence to nail that job interview or feel beautiful and flirty for a first date.

What are some of the benefits of having your makeup professionally done? At Therapy Hair Studio, we believe that looking good can help you feel good. Our professional makeup artists can help you feel gorgeous and sophisticated. Contact our team today for more information!

Why Hire a Professional Makeup Artist?

There are plenty of great reasons to have a professional do your face, like:

Trained Professionals = Flawless Makeup

Makeup artists (MUAs) are trained to apply makeup to all skin tones and facial structures. Their trained eye can highlight your best features and conceal any flaws.

Get Out of Your Rut – Try a New Look

Maybe you’re dying to try winged eyeliner but aren’t sure how to apply the makeup for the right look. A MUA can create your ideal look, so you’re not frustrated with applying, taking off, re-applying, and taking off the makeup.

Or perhaps you want that eye-catching, vibrant red pout but haven’t found the right shade of red for your coloring. Your MUA can evaluate your skin tone and undertones to find the right red (or pink, or purple!) lippy.

Less Stress, Less Time

Whether you’re getting ready for your wedding or prom, want the right look for a special night out, or need professional photos taken, you can reduce the stress of getting ready with professionally applied makeup. Sit, relax, and leave stunning.

We Have Products You Don’t

We have an array of products to choose from: all the bright colors you felt were too much of a splurge, as well as high-end highlighter and contouring makeup. If you have a limited makeup collection, professional service can give you access to products you may not have at home.

Who Needs Professional Makeup?

The Benefits of Having Your Makeup Professionally DoneThere are many occasions when professional makeup will give you the confidence to be your best on a special day.

The Perfect Look for Your Wedding Day

Makeup service for weddings is one of the most popular reasons for someone to have their makeup professionally done. Not only will the bride feel and look her best, but a professional makeup artist can complete a look that photographs well, too, so the wedding photos are beautiful.

Booking professional makeup service for the entire bridal party, including the mothers of the bride and groom, and even a touch of sparkle for the flower girls, is a great way to start the special day feeling pampered and gorgeous. Plus, when one artist or team completes the entire party’s look, the overall makeup look is cohesive.


Many teens are troubled with acne or other skin conditions, but the right makeup can help reduce the appearance of blemishes or discoloration and make your teen feel much more confident. And like for wedding photos, the right makeup application can make prom photos look even better, too.

Professional Makeup for Interviews and Headshots

An expertly styled headshot conveys authority, class, and a professional demeanor. From your hair to your makeup, the right look can help you build your brand or attract new clients. Makeup artists can create a look that photographs well, so you can use your headshot for advertising, bylines, your company website, or other career needs. Looking your best for an interview is just a good business strategy.

Elevating Your Date Night Glow

First date jitters? Book a makeup sesh! Having your makeup done by a Therapy Hair Studio aesthetician removes one major worry from your get-ready checklist. Tell us about what you’re going to wear or how you’re styling your hair, and we can give you a couple of options for the right date night look.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have makeup questions – and our MUAs have answers. We can also answer your personal questions in your one-on-one makeup application session.

How can I find the right makeup professional?

You can start by looking at the online galleries of different makeup artists in the Houston area. Different MUAs have different styles – find one who creates looks you love. You can also ask friends or your hair stylist for recommendations for reliable, trained MUAs.

What should I look for when hiring a makeup professional?

Read reviews. Just like any other business, makeup artists are likely to have client reviews online. Read what other people are saying to find one who is reliable and whose fees fall within your budget.

Will my makeup artist give me tips on recreating the look at home?

Yes. Just ask; we’ll happily explain how we create the look step-by-step. We can even tell you about some of our favorite products.

Book Professional Makeup Service Today

Do you need professional makeup for your wedding or other big day? Contact Therapy Hair Studio at (713) 355-4247 today to book your session.


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