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Botched Haircut? We Can Fix It! Tricks We Use to Make You Look Good Again

Few things in life inspire pure terror like a bad haircut does. Your hair is an essential, inescapable part of your style, and botched haircuts are difficult to hide. You might get away with using a hat or elegant scarf to cover an awkward haircut, at least in the short term, but you will still have to look yourself in the mirror every day.

The most important thing to remember if you get a botched haircut is not to panic. At Therapy Hair Studio, we know how unpleasant a bad haircut can be and want to make you look your best. Our highly trained and experienced stylists have many tricks for fixing a botched cut so you can regain your confidence and show off your hair with pride. We’ve included some of our techniques for fixing a botched haircut below, and you can visit our contact page to schedule an appointment.

Tips for Fixing a Botched Haircut

Some techniques we use to fix a bungled haircut include:

  • Hair extensions – If a stylist cuts your hair too short and you’re not satisfied with your new look, hair extensions are an effective way to conceal a botched cut. When properly added, extensions look close enough to your normal hair that most people won’t notice the difference. You can also use hair extensions to experiment with your style while you wait for your hair to grow back. Try using extensions to play with your hair’s volume, highlights, or length until you find a look you like. Clip-in extensions are a great short-term solution for a botched cut, or you can use tape-in extensions or nano-ring extensions if you don’t want to bother redoing your clip-in extensions every day.
  • Braids or buns – Fixing a haircut can be challenging if you typically wear your hair loose or down, but braids or buns can help conceal a botched cut. Braids and buns help disguise a bad haircut by drawing attention away from the areas of your hair you don’t like. There are all sorts of braid and bun styles you can use, from French braids and crowns to top knot buns or low buns. You can also mix and match braids with buns to create a stunning new look.
  • A new hairstyle – If you haven’t tried a new hairdo in a while, a botched cut is an opportunity for you and your stylist to find a different look. If you usually wear your hair long, a pixie cut, shag cut, or another style for short hair makes a statement while still looking beautiful. Those with typically shorter hair can add extensions, clip-in bangs, or other techniques to add volume and length, making it easier to hide a botched haircut.
  • Hair accessories – One of the best ways to disguise a botched haircut is to draw the eye to a fun or flashy hair accessory. Headbands, barrettes, clips, scarves, bandanas, and other accessories add flair and color to your look while covering up or camouflaging a bad haircut. Accessories with jewels, lots of color, or other eye-catching elements are a particularly effective way to draw people’s eyes away from the areas of your hair you don’t like.
  • Hair products – You’d be surprised how well the right hair products can clean up a botched cut. Depending on your style and situation, you can add waves, texture, highlights, or volume to your hair and hide a bungled haircut.
  • Wigs – If all else fails, a wig can completely hide a botched haircut. The fun thing about wigs is that there are so many styles to choose from, and you don’t have to wear a wig that mimics your typical style. Why not try a wig with a different look, length, or color from what you usually wear? You might end up liking your temporary style so much that you keep it once your hair regrows.

fixing a botched haircut

Get a Botched Haircut? Let Therapy Hair Studio Fix It!

No one wants to walk around with a bad haircut, and the team at Therapy Hair Studio is here to help you look your best. Our stylists have experience with many kinds of hairstyles, and we carry all the hair products you need to keep looking fabulous. Call us today at (713) 355-4247 or visit our contact page to schedule an appointment.

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