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Can Men Get a Brazilian Blowout?

man at hair salonYes. Like women, men want to look good. Maintaining their appearance doesn’t stop at wearing nice clothes and accessories. Women used to frequent hair salons while men made quick trips to the local barber. Nowadays, more men opt for treatments to achieve healthy-looking hair.

Anyone with hair long enough to receive a Brazilian Blowout can enjoy the benefits. Keep reading if you’re considering getting a Brazilian Blowout.

What Is a Brazilian Blowout?

Before you schedule an appointment for a Brazilian Blowout, you should understand what the service entails. A Brazilian Blowout is a semi-permanent treatment to smooth a person’s hair. It seals in a special solution to protect and strengthen each strand. It also eliminates frizz and gives the hair a glossy look.

A stylist will prep your hair by cleansing it to remove impurities from environmental elements. You must start with healthy locks to improve the treatment’s effectiveness.

After cleansing, your stylist will measure the smoothing solution based on the length of your hair and apply it at the roots, working their way down to the tips.

Blow drying will seal in the treatment and allow it to adhere to your hair. Your stylist will finish by rinsing your hair with a conditioning treatment.

Benefits of Brazilian Blowouts

A Brazilian Blowout takes no longer than eighty minutes. Once your stylist finishes the treatment, you can leave the salon. You don’t have to sit under a heat lamp or waste time waiting between the steps of the process.

A Brazilian Blowout benefits men in the same way as it does women. It can simplify your life by cutting down on time you require to get ready in the morning. It also lasts up to twelve weeks, so you save money by seeing your stylist less frequently.

Common benefits of a Brazilian Blowout include:

  • Shorter morning routines – Some men spend time styling their hair. They don’t hop out of the shower and go about their day. A blowout smooths hair, so it’s more manageable. You won’t struggle with knots if your hair is long. You might not need gel or other products to keep your hair curly or wavy. The treatment shortens your routine so you can sleep in and take your time getting ready for your day.
  • Easy maintenance – Maintaining a Brazilian Blowout doesn’t require much effort. Your stylist will provide instructions on how to keep your hair looking its best. You can reap the benefits of the treatment longer by following simple aftercare instructions.
  • Styling options – Brazilian Blowouts are customizable. You can tailor the treatment to meet your unique needs. Stay on top of current trends or experiment with a new look by choosing from different styling options.There is no wrong decision when it comes to your hair. The possibilities are endless.

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Brazilian Blowout

man with styled hairThere are some things you should and shouldn’t do after a Brazilian Blowout to maintain your smooth and shiny hair. Follow these tips, so you’re not racing back to your stylist for another treatment after only a few weeks:

  • Avoid chlorinated water – Although swimming in the pool might be an activity you enjoy in your spare time, keeping your hair out of the water is crucial. Chlorine strips the hair of its protective layers. It’s more susceptible to damage without those layers, and chlorine sucks out natural moisture.
  • Remember to deep condition – Spend extra time deep conditioning your hair twice a month. You can use a special formula for Brazilian Blowouts to manage frizz and rejuvenate your strands with essential amino acids.
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo – Many shampoos contain sulfates and other chemicals that damage the hair. Use a sulfate-free shampoo, so you don’t ruin the effects of the smoothing formula.
  • Protect your hair from heat – Heat can cause breakage and split ends. If you want to use a blow dryer or curling iron, spray on a heat-protectant formula first. You should also avoid using your hands. Oils and dirt from your hands can transfer to your hair, causing additional damage.
  • Don’t over-shampoo – Shampooing too much isn’t good for your hair, even if you don’t get a Brazilian Blowout. You should wash your hair no more than three times a week with a product specifically designed for your treated locks.

Schedule Your Brazilian Blowout Today

Consult an experienced stylist before trying a Brazilian Blowout. Therapy Hair Studio can recommend the treatment suited to your needs. You will leave our Houston salon with beautiful, more manageable hair.

Call us at (713) 355-4247 for an appointment or contact us online.


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