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Forget Me Knots

Therapy Houston Hair Salon Owner, David Bamford is featured on TV showing how you can
easily take your locks to the next level through knotted hairstyles. Here are a few easy, do it yourself styles to try!


Salon Owner David Bamford says if we can tie a knot, then we can easily take our locks to the next level through knotted hairstyles. Here are a few easy, do it yourself styles to try!



Grab a one-inch section from the ear to the nape of the neck. Separate the section into two pieces and knot. Then, double knot to secure the starting point.
Grab another section of hair right next to the first knot. Separate into two. Take the original knotted two strands, lay it on top of the new two strands, and tie a knot. Repeat this ‘separating, laying, and knotting’ until you’ve reached the other ear.
Then, tie knots down to the end of the hair until there is no hair remaining and secure with a rubber band.
On the same side that you’ve just rubber banded, there will be some hair around the forehead and in front of the ear remaining. Starting at the ear, knot this area to the end, rubber band, and bobby pin behind the ear and under the first set of knots.
Finger rouge the knots to give it a frizzy, static look, and you’re finished.

LOOK #2: KNOTTED HEADBAND (Best for gals with long hair)

Clip the hair in front of the ears out of the way.
Take a section of hair behind one ear, and start knotting a two-strand knot. Continue until the end and secure with a rubber band.
Repeat knots on the other side.
Remove clips and brush hair back.
Start forming head band. Grab one side, bring it to the top of the head, and secure with bobby pins along the braid.
Repeat on other side.
With the remaining hair left out, tuck them in and hide them. Finished!

LOOK #3: SINGLE KNOTS UPDO (Great for gals with fine hair)

Add a texturizing balm
Starting at the crown, take a pie section down the middle to about half way down the back of the head, single knot it, and bobby pin it.
Repeat the same thing to the right and left of the middle knot.
Take the extra hair surrounding the face and pin it underneath the first row of knots.
With the remaining hair under the first row of knots, separate the hair into two sections. Make a single knot in one section. Take that knot to the opposite side and pin it. Then, make knot with the other section, cross that knot to the opposite side and pin it.


Section the hair right behind and clip out of the way.
Half way down from the natural part, create another part parallel to that one on one side of the head. Clip the top part out of the way.
With the remaining hair, grab a small vertical section and do a series of double knots then pin toward the back of the head. Do another one with the remaining hair so there are two knotted strands.
Unclip the top section and do the same thing. However, this time, start the knots about one inch from the scalp and do three strands, rather than two.
Repeat the same pattern on the other side of the head.
Unclip the hair to cover the bobby pins.
To complete the look, flat iron the hair.

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