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Six Amazing Hairstyles for a Summer Beach Wedding

If you’re going to say “I do” to your partner at the beach this summer, you want to look your best. Your hairstyle is a crucial element of your wedding look, and not all hairdos are right for the summer heat or a day at the beach. You need a style that enhances your look, won’t cause you to overheat, and will stand up to intense breezes and humid beach weather.

The good news is you don’t have to figure out what hairstyle is best for a summer wedding because the stylists at Therapy Hair Studio have done the work for you. We’ve helped many brides and bridesmaids find their ideal wedding hairstyle, and here are six of our favorite styles for summer beach weddings:

  • Flower crown accent – If the wind at the beach is strong enough, no amount of hairspray will keep your look intact while you wait to say, “I do.” Flower crowns are a smart, elegant style for a beach wedding because the crown keeps your hair in place. If you’re still worried about the wind, you can use a flower crown to camouflage additional pins in your hair. Finally, flowers add color to your overall look and fit many different hairstyles. As for which flowers to choose, you can use the same flowers from your wedding bouquets or other flowers that complement your dress or the bridesmaids’ dresses.
  • Traditional ponytail – It’s hard to go wrong with a classic ponytail, and this style is well suited to beach weddings. Having your hair up can help you stay cool during the ceremony and avoid issues with your makeup running. A ponytail is also a good choice if your wedding has more of a relaxed, informal feel. On the other hand, an elegant hairpin or a hairpiece added to your ponytail is a fun way to add glamor to your look.
  • Tousled waves – Why not have your hair reflect the setting of your wedding? When done correctly, putting waves in your hair perfectly complements beach scenery and can show off your highlights. This look is generally suited to more informal weddings where a bride can let the wind give her hair a more relaxed, natural look. If you’ve got medium-length or long hair, the tousled wave look is an excellent choice for a beach wedding.
  • Classic chignon – The chignon bun is a timeless wedding hairstyle ideally suited for the beach. The bun in the back keeps everything in place if the wind kicks up, and you can tease your hair out in the front to frame your face. The chignon style works well with veils, flower crowns, scarves, and other accents if you want a more formal or glamorous look.
  • Headbands – Looking to stand out and make a statement at the beach with short hair? Rock a headband! For one thing, headbands do a fantastic job of keeping your hair in place regardless of the weather. Additionally, a headband presents an ideal opportunity to add color or flash to your style. Pearl headbands offer a classic, refined look for a beach bride, or you can use a band with colorful beads that resemble pebbles in the sand. Either way, you have a look that’s fabulous and functional.
  • Pixie cut – Short hair is easier to manage at the beach because it requires less work to hold in place. The pixie cut is an elegant, simple style for brides or bridesmaids with short hair. It frames your face and lets you wear your hair without much product, if that’s your preference. Using a hairband, flower crown, beaded chain, scarf, or another accessory with a pixie cut adds a little flair to your style while showing off your beauty.

hairstyles for a summer beach wedding

Let Therapy Hair Studio Create Your Perfect Beach Wedding Hairstyle

The stylists at Therapy Hair Studio understand how important it is to look your best at your summer beach wedding, and we can create the perfect style for you. We have extensive experience with wedding hairstyles and will find the ideal style for your needs. With more than a dozen stylists on staff and a wide range of hair products for sale, we have everything you need for your summer beach wedding. We also carry skincare products to complete your wedding look.

Summer’s approaching quickly, and our skilled stylists are ready to help you shine on your wedding day. Call us today or visit our contact page to schedule an appointment.

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