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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a low-maintenance, easy, and practical way to achieve beautiful and voluminous hair instantly without the lengthy waiting that growing out natural hair requires. Long gone are the days when only those lucky enough to be born with naturally thick hair could enjoy the full-bodied, luminous, healthy hair characteristic of shampoo commercials and photo shoots. Now, anyone can enjoy the pleasures of salon-quality hair without the hassle of harmful chemicals and hair-growth treatments. Hair extensions used to be a luxury afforded to the wealthy and celebrities, who are known for using them as the cherry on top of their chic red-carpet looks. Nowadays, professional and quality hair extensions are widely affordable to men and women across the globe.

Why use hair extensions?

The benefits of hair extensions are numerous; they can serve as a long-term look or act as a temporary style for those hesitant to fully commit to a hairstyle. They give you all of the benefits of voluminous, thick hair without the constant upkeep. Some other compelling reasons to use hair extensions include:

The Perfect Cure for Lifeless Hair
Many struggle with dull, fine, or lifeless hair. There is no shame in it, but only a small margin of the population is actually able to naturally grow the luscious locks that hair extensions provide instantly. Luckily, anybody can enjoy hair extensions and they are extremely versatile in achieving whatever look you desire while remaining undetectable from your natural hair. No matter how thin your hair is, extensions at Therapy Hair Studio add significant body and length to complement your unique style.

An Easy Way to Completely Change Your Look
If you are bored with your look lately, extensions offer an easy solution that can completely change your appearance. Available in a wide range of real or fantasy colors, extensions at Therapy Hair Studio are sure to complete whatever glamorous look you wish to achieve. Whether you have an upcoming wedding, costume party, or other special event, hair extensions are a quick fix that can dramatically improve any style and make you the life of the party.

Recovering from a Bad Haircut? No Problem
All too often, inexperienced hair stylists miss the mark when trying to give you the look you desire. If you were the victim of a less-than-optimal haircut, don’t fret! Hair extensions provide instant relief while you are waiting for your hair to grow back after an unseemly cut or color. Extensions can also disguise damage and dryness from bleach or chemical treatment while your hair heals.

At Therapy Hair Studio, we use Hotheads Hair Extensions because they are less stressful on natural hair than other brands. We have used Hotheads on women with conditions such as alopecia or cranial scarring with fantastic results.

Although hair extensions provide countless benefits, they are only as good as the salon that applies them. Therapy Hair Studio provides professional, high-end extensions applied by highly skilled stylists that were carefully selected for their expertise. To learn more about our hair extension services and book an appointment with one of our expert stylists, call Therapy Hair Studio at 713-355-HAIR (4247).

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