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David Bamford, Luis Perez, Victoria Souder, John Spadaro, Erin Conley, Kelly Schroeder, Suleiman Telfah, Kelsey Champion, Dale Tu, Casey Holloway, Karla Godinez, Anneliese Nicole, Liliana Damian and Jahan Telfah. A truly international group of stylists – Australia, Mexico to mention a few – who together as a team create a relaxed, natural and refreshing environment with many years of experience.


dale1Dale Tu is a seasoned hair stylist with over twelve years of experience in the industry. He is a Master Certified Brazilian Blowout stylist and an expert colorist.  His passion for the industry has taken him around the world, and while in Asia he was certified to properly execute the Japanese Hair Relaxer. He is also one of the few educators and trainers for the Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Keratin Treatment, the first of many keratin treatments launched in the United States. Of all of his accomplishments however, he is most proud of his time spent as one of the original North American educators for the brand KEVIN.MURPHY while working alongside the renowned hairstylist Kevin Murphy himself.

Before moving to Houston, Dale was a well-established stylist in Boise, Idaho, not only as one of the more prominent session and editorial artists, but also his esteemed nomination as one of Boise’s top hair stylists for the prestigious iAm Fusion Award. He worked at Boise-based Salon 117, named one of the Best Salons in North America by Elle Magazine for the past two years. It was during the years at Salon 117 that he had the opportunity to work with Tia Lee, Artisan for Keune International

Dales natural love for his profession allows him to create the complete, styling experience for every client. He is also a believer in continually educating his clients on quick styling tips and product knowledge. The past year, working with Hair Therapy, has been extremely well-received, allowing him to build an extensive and repeat clientele.



-LuSHfxG25QhIJ8HWVvlDiIXFTNKxN_LeJ1dFmD9V60Kelsey Champion joined the Therapy Hair Studio team three years ago as an apprentice. Under the experienced eyes of co-founder Luis Perez, she has greatly advanced both her knowledge and experience in the field and is now a specialist on both hair color and extensions. Because of her talents, she has developed a dedicated clientele that continues to grow with each passing month.

Kelsey’s passion for hair styling began at an early age, eventually leading her to Paul Mitchell’s Beauty school. Upon graduating from Paul Mitchell, she received an enviable position as understudy of Luis Perez, co-owner of Therapy. She took in all the color expertise while working with Luis, and now she is his backup working specifically with his clientele. Kelsey believes in continual education and takes advantage of all the classes taught at Therapy. She also pursues training outside of Therapy, and in 2013 she received her up-do training certification with Martin Parsons.

Kelsey is constantly seeking out knowledge regarding the most up-to-date techniques and trends in the hair styling world, and is constantly taking classes offered by the Therapy Academy, where both Luis and David provide instruction. She is both committed to and passionate about the industry, and puts a great focus on finding a hair color to suit each client’s complexion and features perfectly. Kelsey has a natural talent for giving her clients what they want so that they leave looking and feeling beautiful.


rA3Uq0g1p2ki8yRsM80xVh92mCUV5H7TU1gxf0U_Nn0Casey Holleway is a Houston native working as a color, cut, and style specialist at Therapy Hair Studio. She advanced quickly in her apprenticeship under Luis and David, when she joined Therapy three years ago.  She came to Therapy with a natural talent and credits David and Luis to helping her to refine her talents as a hairstylist.  Now Casey is one of the most highly requested  stylists.  She absolutely loves working for Therapy, and believes her training here has given her the tools she needs to excel and become one of the best hairstylists in Houston.

After developing her core skills at Paul Mitchell School, Casey immediately set upon finding a job at one of the premier salons in the Houston area. For her, no chain or second tier salon was an option. Her acceptance into Therapy gave her access to some of the greatest hairstylists to learn from in the U.S. She began eight months of training under David, and nine under Luis, thoroughly solidifying her skillset and vastly improving her knowledge in the field.

Casey’s passion for hair has been a guiding presence in her life for years and years. Before she became an official hair stylist, she was an unofficial one, and spent many of her high school years practicing new techniques on her friends. To her great credit in those early years, she didn’t draw blood even once.

Casey has a growing list of clients and continues to add to her following because her passion for making everyone look their best is felt by everyone in her chair.



A native Houstonian, Karla Godinez joined the Therapy Hair Studio team with plenty of ambition and a strong work ethic. Karla’s training began when she enrolled in the Paul Mitchell school in Houston, where she quickly picked up the core components of the trade, as well as an expert knowledge of Paul Mitchell techniques. After joining Therapy she continued her training as apprentice with Master colorist, Luis Perez which provided her with a foundational knowledge regarding both the industry and the artistic aspects of hair.

Her passion and understanding in the art of hair was advanced further when she received both a Brazillian Blowout and Balyage certification from the prestigious New York Loreal Professional Academy.

Karla specializes in Ombre, Balyage and hair extensions. She is drawn to the artistry involved in these techniques. Her dedication to the mastery of these areas has only made her even more passionate about it, and she continues to seek out new styles and new approaches to hair color and style.

Karla believes ongoing education on the latest trends in color, cut and style is the key to her success. Her favorite thing about the craft is seeing people walk out happy, transformed and feeling great about themselves.


m9tTJY_ODdhE3UzWDUERBqQt99WtvZZIllREvNFX1TI Suleiman Telfah is one of the most sought-after hair stylists currently working in Houston today. His tenure with David and Luis at Therapy Hair Studio has allowed him to meet and exchange ideas with many of the most important figures in the styling world.

Suleiman, fondly nicknamed Suli by his loyal, elite clientele, believes in both precision and dedication to deliver a fabulous hairstyle to his clients.

Beginning his career shortly after graduating from the Orlando Pita Master Styling Class in 2007, Suleiman quickly became a cutting-edge hair stylist working in the Houston area. He moved on to Bumble & Bumble, advancing his craft and, later on, becoming a well-regarded instructor. In 2009 he attended several classes with L’Oreal Professional, allowing him to take his styling to the next level. During this time he began his two-year training with renowned international artist, Loris Fusi Goldberg.

Suleiman has been an integral part of several fashion shows and pageants, including the Tiffany Awards, Miss Texas in 2009 and the Junior League of Houston in 2007, 2008 and 2009. In 2010, he became a lead stylist for the MTV show “Battle of the Bands”. That same year he published his most vanguard styles in Houston Magazine. Suleiman lives and breathes fashion, and he can often be found behind the scenes at many fashion shows, not least of which is New York’s Fashion Week, where he often works on shows for designers Rodarte, Theory and Phillip Lim 3.1. He greatly enhances Therapy with both his personality and his linguistic skills (he speaks both Arabic and Spanish!)



Erin Conley has been a steadfast fixture in the styling industry for years, working with advanced styling techniques and training under some of the most influential hairdressers in the United States and beyond. She has developed a distinctive clientele at Therapy Hair Studio in Houston, where she specializes in Balayage: an artistic, European painting technique for hair which results in a youthful, sun-kissed appearance.

After a brief stint in corporate America, Erin made the decision to follow her passion in hair styling, and soon enrolled at Visible Changes University. Soon after, she began her career working independently at the renowned Houston-based salon, Blue Mambo. During her nine years at Blue Mambo, Erin trained under international Vidal Sasson stylists in addition to extensive education and leadership training with Toni & Guy.

Erin has developed a diverse education portfolio, including multiple certifications for prominent hair styling brands such as Schwarzkopf, Kerastase, Martin Parsons and Kevin Murphy. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources, as well as a minor in Marketing, from Miami University in Ohio. Of all the training that she has received, her time under styling expert Jose Eber has been the most influential to her.

Her expertise in the styling industry has given her a chance to work exclusively with top modeling agency Page Parkes, where she often works side-by-side with Mrs. Parkes herself. She can often be found working with the Therapy Editorial team, helping with hair on local photo shoots and fashion shows. She especially enjoys working with brides, as well as creating the perfect look for that special night out on the town.


UMqCROc8JMUCtVZ6V9pLb53q_-NunL5lJGrsjOIPvV0Kelly Schroeder is a professional stylist for Therapy Hair Studio specializing in hair extensions, up-do’s and creating seamless styles. She combines an unmatched creativity and a relentless passion for hair with an impressive resume of credentials and certifications in the styling industry. Her skills immediately caught the attention of David and Luis, co-owners of Therapy, and she soon had a job working as David’s understudy. She was a sponge and honed her skills during her apprenticeship, quickly becoming a top stylist with a growing list of dedicated clients.

Kelly had an advanced skillset in the art of hair styling even before she met the team at Therapy. In 2008, she began training as a Kevin Murphy educator, later assisting with Kevin Murphy shows throughout the United States. In 2012, she began training in Vidal Sasson techniques, and in 2013 she began work on her Martin Parsons up-do certification.

Kelly has a sharp eye when it comes to styling, and she is constantly looking for details that will bring out the best in her client’s hair. She often employs this skill during shoots with the Therapy Editorial team, where she works side by side with David in between photo shoots.


Zd8P9mQSot4i5SDg71Zf-6u4qxUTniknqM1MGHSNK8oVictoria Souder was already an accomplished hair stylist when she began working for Therapy Hair Studio in Houston, where she currently enjoys her position on the Editorial Hair and Makeup team as a Senior Stylist.

Her extensive education has made her an important asset to the team at Therapy, as well as a trusted stylist to her ever-growing clientele. Education has been a constant focus for Victoria throughout her life, first attending VCU in Houston, and then pursuing a number of essential certifications, including a Coppala Keratin Certification in 2008, a Hot Heads Extensions Certification in 2009 and a Hairdreams certification in 2010. She attended the Vidal Sassoon Academy in 2010, and the Martin Parsons Long Hair Design in 2013.

Victoria began her career in beauty at the early age of 19 when she began working as a makeup artist for the well-known cosmetic company, Lancome. Her eleven-year tenure at Lancome only sparked her interest in the field even more, leading her to enroll in beauty school and earn her license. Shortly after, she studied under famed hair colorist Tova Kindred at Tova Day Spa in Houston.

Her work has been published in Modern Salon, Culture Magazine and Gloss Magazine, as well as being featured on ABC’s Mirror Mirror on several occasions. She is a constant fixture at photo shoots for fashion magazines in the area, where she assists with hair and makeup. When she is at the studio, she is known for both her quality of work and her upbeat attitude.



When John Spadaro began work for Houston-based Therapy Hair Studio in 2009, he was already an extremely qualified candidate, with over 25 years of experience in the field and a long list of accreditations under his belt. He enjoys a dedicated and vast clientele due to both his outgoing personality and his impressive industry expertise.

John began his career in his hometown of Dubois, PA, where he attended the Academy of Cosmetology. After receiving his operator’s license, he went on to study at Pivot Point International in Chicago, IL, quickly adding his instructor’s license to his list of accomplishments. With home on his mind, he moved back to Pennsylvania, eventually becoming an enthusiastic instructor at the very same Academy of Cosmetology where he first began his studies.

In 1984, he made the decision to leave home once again, this time to Houston, where he worked with the creative team at Lord & Taylor’s Galleria Salon. Not long after he joined Tova Kindred at Tova Day Spa, using this time to greatly enhance his expertise in the styling industry. His extensive work at Tova—over 24 years—as well the advanced training programs he undertook at this time in London, New York and Los Angeles, has made him a respected voice in the industry, as well as a major asset to Therapy.

John’s greatest loves, aside from hairstyling, are his two West Highland White Terriers named Vivian and Anna. And when nobody is watching, he enjoys styling their hair, too.



Anneliese knew she wanted to be a hairstylist when she was just a little girl, and since then, she’s taken all the right steps to achieve success in the field. Born and raised in Houston, she attended the Paul Mitchell School of Houston, where she excelled as a student,as President of the student council, and a core mentor. As a core mentor, she worked with more than 200 students throughout her program and enjoyed helping students find their way and improve their skills while honing in on her own areas of expertise.

Eighteen months ago, Anneliese joined Therapy Hair Studio as a licensed stylist, and has been working under David to become a full-fledged stylist. In her year-and-a-half working with David, she has really learned how to perfect her craft and think outside the box. Specifically, she’s found that her specialty areas lie in updos and creative styles; however, she’s also developed a love for cuts and colors. Anneliese is David’s go-to assistant for all of his editorial shoots. David says, “She has a knack for styling hair, and her blowouts and updos are flawless.”

When asked about Anneliese, Luis says, “People can learn the mechanics. What we look for is a true talent, which we saw in her right from the beginning.” With guidance from David and Luis, she is very excited to be with Therapy Hair Studio and looks forward to making her debut as a full-fledged stylist in the years ahead.



Super stylist Liliana Damian has amassed some of Houston’s most elite clientele. Her reputation for creating color perfection, both by her clients and colleagues; is well deserved.

Liliana credits her amazing color accomplishments to a strong work ethic and a relentless search for today’s latest trends in color technology.

As a leading hair stylist and a staple in the fashion and beauty industry, Liliana leads the pack with her award-winning technique and her custom color formulation. Liliana says, “Women are beautiful and complex creatures, we choose to be redheads, blondes, or brunettes, our natural color should never betray us, and I’ll never tell”

Liliana’s larger than life persona, lighthearted demeanor and unique personality make her an utter joy to work with. Liliana leads the way with the perfect blow dry and style and is also in high demand for her Brazilian Blow Out service. “My title is Color Specialist but there is so much more to my services than that, color is intricate, unique, subtle, and loud. We can laugh, cry, and take the ride of our life, one appointment at a time”

Jahan Telfah, Makeup Artist

Jahan Telfah Makeup artist Therapy Hair StudioJahan is an important member of the Therapy makeup team. She brings a love of fashion along with her many makeup skills.

Jahan possesses a gift for highlighting the natural beauty through makeup, giving a soft, beautiful look that is sophisticated yet subtle. She has had a love for makeup and the fashion industry since high school where she gained her first experience doing proms and other events.

Her skills led her to a position at a premiere local make-up studio where she learned from some of the best and most established makeup artists in Houston. Soon she was showing off her talents as they sent her to various sites to work bridal events, proms, birthdays and other special occasions. She even had the opportunity to work events for Laura Mercier. Other credits include doing makeup behind the scenes for Houston Fashion Week, an event she will work again this year.

Jahan loves all aspects of makeup artistry and thoroughly enjoys combining her love of fashion with her love of makeup. Jahan’s client list has steadily grown with regulars coming in for makeup, eyebrow shaping and lashes. “Friday Night Fixups” provides her the most fun where she loves putting on the final touches before someone’s big night on the town.