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10 Need-to-Have Salon Products at Home

Our home hairstyling habits can be practical and save us a lot of time, but we still want the effect of salon-styled hair. However, visiting a stylist every time you want your hair to be stunning is not always practical. A thorough selection of high-quality salon products can help you achieve a beautiful look at home. Here are ten products you need to have for a fresh new hair routine.

Must-Have Salon Products for Your Home

1. Heat Protectant

Many of the essential elements in a hair care routine involve heat. Yet if you regularly use a blow dryer, a curling iron, or a flat iron, you risk damaging your hair. A heat protectant spray can help shield your hair from heat damage, thus preventing it from becoming dry and frizzy. Ingredients such as keratin and biotin can also nourish your strands while protecting them.

2. Dry Shampoo

Washing your hair daily can rob your scalp of the natural oils that give your hair a natural texture and hold. However, those with oily scalps can end up with flat-looking hairstyles. A dry shampoo can help you soak up excess oils to give your hair more volume when you are ready to style it.

3. Texturizing Spray

If you have thin, straight hair, you may have a challenge getting waves to hold. A lightweight texturizing spray can fix this struggle without weighing your hair down.

salon hair products for your home4. Finishing Shine Spray

A finishing shine spray can help your hair achieve that glossy, shampoo-commercial look by coating your hair in light moisture. Be sure to select a non-greasy product that offers smoothness, shine, and a long-lasting hold.

5. Thickening Spray

Anyone with thin hair can benefit from a few shots of thickening spray for improved volume, fullness, and movement. Look for a spray with palm kernel glycerides that can also help give your hair more texture.

6. Co-Wash

Co-wash is an excellent product for people with dry or coarse hair. Using it gives your hair a gentle wash while also delivering hydration to your hair, thus reducing its tendency toward breakage. Some users find that daily use can leave the scalp with an oily residue, so you may want to use a clarifying shampoo from time to time.

7. Leave-In Conditioner

If you have dry or brittle hair, you might feel that your usual shampooing and conditioning routine does not give your hair the moisture it needs. Using a leave-in conditioner is a great way of giving your hair additional moisture and nutrients without weighing it down. You can find different formulations for dry, damaged, color-treated, curly, or textured hair. Choose a product with vitamins, antioxidants, and natural oils.

8. Hair Mask

Like leave-in conditioners, hair masks can boost your hair’s hydration and reduce frizziness. However, you should only leave a hair mask in for around five minutes before rinsing it out for shinier, smoother strands.

9. Hair Oil

The right hair oil can be deeply nourishing for your locks. Benefits include:

  • Strengthening your hair
  • Protecting from heat damage
  • Simulating hair growth
  • Hydrating hair
  • Preventing frizz
  • Reducing tangling

10. Hair Cream

Hair cream is essentially the hair equivalent to a face moisturizer in that it helps to nourish and hydrate your hair. It can also help smooth down flyaway strands and manage static during the styling process. Those with naturally curly hair can use it in combination with leave-in conditioner and oil to give their ringlets added bounce and fullness.

How Do I Know Which Product Is Right for Me?

Each of the above product categories comes in a variety of formulations for different types of hair. The vast number of products on the market can be daunting for even the most adventurous among us. Speak to an experienced stylist if you are unsure which products will best suit your hair type and desired style.

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