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The Top 7 Rated Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can quickly add length, volume, or thickness to someone’s natural hair. You can usually choose from human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions. If you’re in the market for human hair extensions, consider Remy human hair. It stays silkier and softer longer than non-Remy hair. Extensions also come in various colors, textures, and lengths so anyone can get their desired look.

Types of Hair Extension Applications

You can put in hair extensions in various ways to meet your needs. For example, you can apply your hair extensions for a single night out, or so they last longer. Some of the most common ways to install hair extensions include:

  • Clip-ins: This type of extension uses small clips sewn onto the hair extension. The clips are then attached to your natural hair. These clips are generally easy to install and remove.
  • Tape-ins: This application type is semi-permanent and usually uses double-sided tape.
  • Sew-ins: Also known as weaves, this type of application is semi-permanent and uses a needle and thread.
  • Bonding: The bonding method is a semi-permanent application of hair extensions. This method uses adhesive or glue to bond the extension and your hair.

hair extensionsHighly-Rated Hair Extension Brands

Hair extensions have become popular because they can quickly enhance your hair without waiting for it to grow. If you are in the market for hair extensions, the following are seven of the top-rated hair extensions.

1. Bellami Hair Extensions

Bellami is popular because it offers clip-in extensions made of 100 percent Remy human hair. They also offer high-quality synthetic hair extensions in various shades, ensuring you can find what you want.

2. Luxy Hair Extensions

Luxy offers clip-in and halo hair extensions made of 100 percent Remy human hair in various lengths and colors. Luxy hair extensions have a standout customization service. Under the customization service, you can create a set of extensions tailored to your hair color and texture.

The Luxy hair extensions are known for their seamless and natural-looking blends, which mimic natural highlights and lowlights.

3. Zala Hair Extensions

Zala is an Australian-based company offering clip-in and tape-in hair extensions. Like many other top-rated hair extensions, these extensions are designed with 100 percent Remy human hair. In addition, Zala uses the double-drawn technique, which means that the hair is thick from the root to the tip of the extension. This technique can give your hair a full and voluminous look.

4. Hidden Crown Hair Extensions

Hidden Crown offers halo extensions. Halo extensions differ from the common clip-in and tape-in extensions because they use an invisible wire. The wire sits on your head with the hair extensions attached. This design makes Hidden Crown halo extensions comfortable because nothing is attached to your hair.

A standout feature of Hidden Crown is that they allow you to order a color swatch box to determine which shade best suits your needs. They also offer color match services, where you can upload a photo of your hair, and an expert will let you know your color match.

5. Glam Seamless Hair Extensions

Glam Seamless Hair Extensions are a good option if you are looking for tape-in extensions. They use medical-grade adhesives designed to be gentle on your scalp. The adhesive is also known for its strong and long-lasting hold. These extensions are also easily concealed, so you can wear them confidently, knowing they will stay in place throughout the day.

6. Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Great Lengths is a luxury brand specializing in keratin-bonded extensions. The keratin bonding method is gentle on your hair and offers a wide range of lengths and colors to customize your look.

The bonding mimics your hair’s molecular structure, ensuring a strong and secure hold. However, it is also designed for easy removal so that there is no damage to your hair.

7. Hairdreams Hair Extensions

Hairdreams offers high-quality luxury extensions of 100 percent human hair. This company offers tape-in and bonded extensions, which gently attach extensions to minimize the risk of damage.

A standout feature of Hairdreams is that they use laserbeamer nanotechnology. This technology allows for the application of multiple extensions at once. The bonds are also easily removable.

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There are various extensions available, each with unique features and benefits. Understanding what works best for your hair is essential to looking your best. Consulting a professional stylist can ensure you get the right product for your needs.

The stylists at Therapy Hair Studio are experienced and knowledgeable in applying and removing hair extensions. If you are looking for hair extensions, contact us at (713) 355-4247 or online.

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